With more than 75 years of collective training experience and more than 100 years of business seasoning, we bring special knowledge and understanding of training needs. You will never feel like technology has passed you by when you have the JLA Group at your side. We have former CEOs, vice-presidents, academicians, sales managers, leadership and management experts, team building and communication professionals, and organizational change experts who know how to help you and your team take it to "the next level".

Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies are represented in our files of professional experience. When we speak about "Learning Strategy" we mean that we find out what you want and what you need and develop the curriculum for your organization. Since each environment is different, since each company is unique, since each industry fights its own wars, it makes sense that you need your own training and professional development program.


John P. Leach, MBA


John Leach completed 20 years of service to his country as a Naval Aviator and Commanding Officer and then entered management in the corporate world.  He served as a sales and Marketing Manager in the telecommunications industry and later as a project manager in new product development.


As his promotions continued, he became involved in Tariff Management and Contract Management within the corporation.  Later, he was recruited by another telecommunications company to become their Director of Training and Professional Development. 


During that time, John Leach was certified as a trainer, facilitator, and coach by Wilson Learning Company, Myers Briggs Company, and Coaching International Association.


Having dedicated over 20 years of leadership training and experience in the military and over 12 years of leadership facilitation and Professional Development in the corporate world, John Leach started his own business in “professional learning strategies” in 1993 called John Leach Associates (JLA). JLA is a certified small business and DVBE business.